We have an announcement!

When The Ayden Project first started we were thrilled when people donated a few blankets to help us out. Each year that number grew and we couldn’t have been more excited. We gained some exposure this year with the help of a local news station WoodTV 8. Ayden was nervous about being on TV and sharing his story but he didn’t a fantastic job and got to meet several wonderful people handing out blankets in 2016. He learned a great deal and wanted to set a higher goal fro 2017.

You can find more about the event here.

We have reached our goal for 2017, 413 blankets so far! In only a few months we have reached it. This is truly amazing and we didn’t expect it to happen so soon! We would like to thanks everyone who donated for 2017 so far (last names have been omitted):

  • Mort and Jerry
  • Andrea
  • Sharon
  • Val
  • LT. Kraai
  • Capt DeWitt and Annette
  • Capt. David of American Airlines

We wouldn’t have been able to reach our goal so quickly without you. We are still of course accepting blankets. You can send us your donated blankets to the following:

The Ayden Project
P.O. Box 304
Belmont, MI 49306

Thank you again!


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