A special message from Ayden’s Aunt Terri.

Well, I am humbled. If anything Ayden and his desire and dream for his “project” has shown me is that the littlest gesture can make a huge impact and touch millions, literally. Tonight we (Ayden and I) had the privilege to meet Capt. David Williams and his wonderful wife Michelle. Again, the people Ayden and I have met, the tears we have witnessed and shared and the thank yous we get are nothing to the Thank yous we would like to share. My car is once again PACKED. Super Shout out to Capt. David Williams, his wife Michelle and American Airlines for your donation and making Aydens day with a genuine Chicago Cubs World Series Pennant from the office girls in Ohare. To the VP of American Airlines Ayden is thrilled with his genuine “Wings” something already in his treasure forever box. In today’s world it is Aydens heart and compassion to be the difference, to be human as he says “we are all just human” is what gives me hope for our tomorrow’s.

Sincerely, Ayden personal chauffer, event coordinator and luckiest Aunt EVER.




2 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. I am so happy to know and work with Dave at American Airlines and so very happy that through the good power of facebook he saw my blanket project and told me about Ayden’s Project. I am so proud that we could support! Keep up the wonderful work!


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