Congratulations and Thank you

In 2016 we collected a lot of blankets for those in need. Today we are happy to report that we have collected 548 blankets and we are looking to keep that number growing. We could not do this without all of our donators.  Thank you for all your help!

Now we want to congratulate our founder, Ayden for his award tonight. Ayden was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation for doing a Good deed in the community. Ayden gave a short speech before accepting the award.

Ayden pictured with Rose Sharphorn, the District Chair of Auxiliary Child and Youth Services


We also want to thank Rose for the donation money, as well as the 15 blankets donated tonight. We appreciate not only the recognition, but the donation to those in need. We can’t continue to spread warmth to those in need without you. Rose also let Ayden and his aunt Terri know that they will have more blankets to donate soon!

Again, we want to thank all those who have donated or want to join us in the 2017 volunteer hand out event. Please keep those donations coming in!

If you have blankets you would like to donate, please visit our contact page to get in touch as well as our Facebook page!

You can also send donations to our P.O box!

The Ayden Project
P.O. Box 304
Belmont, MI 49306


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